Terms & Refund Policy

All Prices are in Canadian Dollars!  This is home shopping ONLINE GARAGE SALE!

This is FINAL SALE for NWGIFTS HOME SHOPPING ONLINE GARAGE SALE! We sell our used and new products from home similar to Facebook, Kijiji…

All the sales of this site will be used to donate for charities…and to maintain the website with hosting service and domain name.

Therefore, there is NO REFUND, NOR EXCHANGE.

CANADA SHIPPING ONLY if you live in remote area. For customers in Calgary Alberta, Canada prefer to pay us in person & pick up your items at local area. Please contact us for location!

We accept VERIFIED PAYPAL ONLY! If you don’t have the PAYPAL account yet, REGISTER and VERIFY your PAYPAL Account in here.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Every Package has the TRACKING CODE, we will send you an email to let you know the TIME FRAME DELIVERY OF YOUR PACKAGE; Keep in mind that YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN PACKAGE WHEN DELIVERY AT YOUR DOOR STEP. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN PACKAGES.  Every package we double check your mailing address before we ship your order;

Due to the high rising for the lost or stolen package; If you are NOT home during that time frame; Please don’t buy or provide us your local Post Office Box, we will delivery at your local P.O Box, so you can pick up your package. (This is possible for all small items like jewelry or wallets…We don’t send to your local P.O Box with the big items)

Thank you for visiting and purchase our Online Garage Sale!