Portable Silicon Female Urine Outdoor Funnel Device

$11.95 $10.95

Portable Silicon Female No Mess Urine Outdoor Funnel


Portable Silicon Female Urine Outdoor Funnel Device


Pee Standing Up – No More Dirty Toilets, Bushes or Porta-Potties

Specially Designed Female Urinal

Soft Flexible Silicone

Potable and convenient, Go Anywhere, Any time


Color:shown as the pictures

Material: silicone

No more uncomfortable squatting over unsanitary toilets. When you don’t want to sit on an unsanitary public toilet or when one is not available, you can rely on this item. Great for festivals. Completely hygienic and easy to use. Allows women of all ages to urinate in a standing up, sitting down or lying position without undressing. Discreet, portable & re-usable. Designed not to flow back, splash or spill.

Package include: 1 x Portable Silicon Female Urine Outdoor Funnel Device

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